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Hello Portsmouth District!

My name is Colleen Murphy

I am a candidate running for Councillor of Portsmouth District in the upcoming municipal election and I  am asking for your support.   I live in Portsmouth Village and enjoy the people and sense of community that prevails.  I have lived and worked in Kingston for more than 15 years.

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Get in Touch

9 Dickens Drive

Kingston, Ontario

K7M 2M5

(343) 364-9524

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Thanks for submitting!

Election Sign Notice

 I have decided not to use signs for this campaign.  Previous elections in the district set this precedent, when candidates agreed to not use election signs.  Five of the seven candidates for the current campaign are not using signs to signify our commitment to the environment.


I am thankful for your support and hopeful that I can win this election without supporting the use of election signs.  Please consider sharing the image below on your social media to show your support.  Thank you!

Colleen Murphy Portsmouth Virtual Sign
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